A thing of things

I did something,
I convinced myself not too.
But I did it anyway,
Because it was who I am.

But now it hasn’t work,
And I’m digging a hole of sorrow.
More than anything a hole of should I feel sorry for myself

Where can I go?
Could I reach out to the sky.
I just want to smell the roses,
Taste the raspberries I won’t lie.

But I’m broken,
I’m stuck nowhere.
I need to pick myself up,
And fight it I dare.

It will happen,
With this moment or the next.
Horizons are endless,
As life will contest.

This story I will stop now,
Continuing I will do.
I’m not like anyone else,
I’m unique just like you.

Cod in Cardiff

Day 3 23/1/14

Off to wales we went, cardiff in question to see none other that doctor who. Braving the cold and more compelling routing through the train system we spent the time decrypting the thick accents and walking around the simmering bay. But what an awesome sight the who experience was. Really sweet!

Eventualities of magic

Day 2 22/1/14

Harry Potter is all about England and seeing what the magic is about is exactly what we did. Free wifi and Harry potter world was a nice little touch. For what it’s worth, there is a lot of magic and the movies seem decent now.!

Eventualities of the talez

Day 1 21/1/14

Arrive in England, work the train system to somehow arrive at greenwich. Checked out London bridge amongst others. It’s cold and miserable weather with pretty grumpy people, but that’s okay because it’s England and they might just be(all) having a bad day.